Domain Registration

Owning your own internet domain makes your company look more professional and is now cheaper than ever before.

Once a domain has been registered on your behalf, you can use it for your corporate or personal website and email.

Email and website requests can be automatically forwarded to your existing addresses to make the process as easy as possible.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam services are also available to protect you from problem email. Email redirections can easily be changed at no extra cost even if you change your internet service provider (ISP).

We can arrange for your domain to be registered and configured ready for use. We can also host, configure and maintain the DNS servers for your domain as part of the service. Most new domains can be live within a few hours.

You can check current domain availability on our tools page.

Website Hosting & Email Services

We have servers permanently connected to the internet at multiple secure data centres. These are configured to host various services for our customers.

Once your internet domain has been registered, we can host this on our dedicated servers on your behalf. Services available include DNS, WWW, FTP, Email (SMTP, POP and IMAP) Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam amongst others.

For more information on this, please contact us.

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