Changes to Remote Access Support

We have previously offered support customers remote access to their own systems for free when required, but unfortunately we will no longer be able to provide this service.
This is because of the different way we are billed for the software and service by our supplier.

For the last four years, Logmein (our previous remote support software provider) have increased the amount they charge us by nearly 500% so we took the decision last year to move to a new provider.

Over the last year, we have been running both systems in parallel with each other to allow for a gradual transition, but our Logmein subscription will expire in September and will not be renewed.

Support from us will remain unaffected, but customers that have been using Logmein from our account will soon not be able to do so. Because we are now charged per user rather than per PC, we will now unfortunately have to charge for this service if it is still required.

Access will now be free to customers with Platinum support cover on their systems, but other customers will be charged a fixed price of £250 per year for access to all systems in their account. This is completely optional and will only be setup and billed upon request.

If you prefer to continue to use Logmein, you can open your own account directly with them.
Their current pricing is as follows:
Up to 2 systems = £109 per year
Up to 5 systems = £249 per year
Up to 25 systems = £349 per year
Up to 100 systems = £499 per year

As you can see, our pricing is still competitive if you wish to have access to more than 2 systems.

If you wish to continue to have access to your systems or upgrade your support cover, please Contact Us before September.

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