Cabled Networks

Correctly installed network cabling allows your systems to work together and share resources such as server disk space, internet access, email and printers.

CAT5/5e/6 cabling can be used for ethernet, serial and both analogue and digital telephone systems. This makes it easy to move people around your office, without having to re-wire every time.

Once your cabling has been installed, each port is terminated in a patch panel, you can then connect each port to the required device such as an ethernet switch or telephone system (PBX) using a short patch cable.

Various colours and lengths of cable are available, allowing you to easily identify each resource.

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Wireless Networks

Wireless networking (Wi-Fi) may be more appropriate for you if a cabled system is not possible or suitable. You may already be using WiFi technology in your home or office and be experiencing a lack of signal strength in certain areas. We can help with the installation of range extenders, additional wireless access points or high gain antennas.

If you have two properties and need to share resources between them, this might be possible with the use of an external point to point wireless link. Speeds of up to 2Gbps full duplex are now possible using license free equipment thanks to our partners at NETSymphony

If your buildings have line of sight and are within range, this can work out considerably cheaper than renting leased lines such as kilostreams and megastreams or digging a trench.

Security on wireless connections has always been a concern. We can make your connections highly secure by using state of the art encryption. Our engineers can configure your equipment as part of the installation.

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