Telephone Scam Warning

Although we warned our customers of this over two years ago, it is still prevelant so we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the problem.

We continue to be getting a lot of reports recently from customers receiving calls from people claiming to be from companies such as Microsoft, Norton, Teamviewer, Logmein and others.
When answered, the caller says that your system has been infected with a virus (or similar) and stresses that you must go to your computer straight away and follow their instructions to remove it.

In reality, these people are not who they claim to be. This is a scam to get to you grant them full access to your system and allow them to install malware onto your system. They will then offer to remove it for you at a cost. Not only do you lose this payment, but you will also give them your card details that can be used in ID theft. You are also left with an infected system.

Hopefully, by reading this warning, you will not follow their instructions or give any card details to them. If your system was genuinely infected, your internet provider would be the only people attempting to make contact with you. They would also not usually offer to fix it for you or charge for this. This contact is also usually done via email or a posted letter and not over the phone. The scammers have no way of telling the status of your PC or even that you have one in the first place.

If you are unsure if you have a virus on your system, please feel free to contact us for some advice on 0845 004 3579.

As always, if you feel that your card details have been compromised, contact your bank using the number on the reverse of your card as soon as possible.

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